We just kicked off our Summer series at CCV, entitled: Red Letters.  This is a 9-week series that will walk through parables of Jesus.  When we began to brainstorm ideas for this series we talked about several different ideas. We landed on the a “vintage typewriter” look for a couple different reasons.  More than just how cool the typewriter looks, we wanted to communicate the origin of the “red letters” concept – highlighting the words of Jesus with the red typewriter ink.

We picked up this beauty of a typewriter on EBay for $60 and used it for the primary photograph in the artwork.

And here is the final key art:

You’ll notice that the in the final key art, you can see much more of the inside of the typewriter.  After several attempts to get a good picture to work with, I ended up flipping the cover up on the typewriter and revealing the beautiful insides of it.  The frame around the top part of the artwork is actually the bottom side of the cover.  I really liked how this ended up framing out the artwork and making it look like the typewriter was typing on “bible size” pages.


The final step in the process was creating a sermon bumper to be used in the weekend services.  Our creative team came up with the idea to keep the feel of the bumper a little more dark and intense.  I found the perfect music bed and communicated the vision for the bumper to our video team.  Ovi did a phenominal job on the edit and really capturing the vision for this project. Here it is:



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