There are many of you in Church Communications who have been tasked with running your church’s Facebook page.  With that in mind, I wanted to share a few things that I’ve learned while running the Facebook page for CCV over the last 2 years.  Here are a couple of tips:

1. Find a rhythm in your posts. The key here is getting your church in the Newsfeed of your fans on a consistent and regular basis. Be consistent and strategic in your timing.  When you find a natural rhythm, your people will begin to feel comfortable interacting with you and your page.

2. Don’t JUST promote your church events and activities. If you want dialogue you have to appear to not be so selfish. Ask pop-culture questions. “Are you watching American Idol? – Who’s going to win the Super Bowl?” — These kinds of questions are not at all related to the church but it starts AND keeps the dialogue going. Don’t be afraid to embrace culture on your Facebook page – I guarantee you people will respond.

3. Use Media! People love pictures and videos. Find a volunteer in your church to take some high quality pictures on the weekend – capture the faces and activity of your church and get them up on your FB page- people will comment AND share. Video is just as powerful. Pull a 1 minute clip from last week’s sermon and get it up on your Facebook page on Monday morning. Ask a question that relates to the clip. If there’s a special song performed, get a video of it up on Facebook so that people can share it with their friends.  This is also a fantastic way for people to share bits about your church with their friends.  It’s the most powerful example of multi-level marketing at the click of a button.

4. RESPOND. If someone comments on one of your posts – you absolutely HAVE to respond. People need to know that your page is active and alive. Every reply, post or comment on your wall deserves a response from you. There’s nothing like a dead and unresponsive Facebook page to kill dialogue and interaction. If you want dialogue, you have to participate in it as well.

5. Be Strategic. Our team meets every Monday morning to talk about what we’re going to put on Facebook for the coming week. We talk through events to promote, what’s going in culture that we can talk about, what clip from the sermon we can pull and we literally map out our week of Facebook posts so that we’re consistent and strategic. It’s not random – it’s intentional.

These are just a few of the things we’ve learned with our Facebook page and I hope it helps!!

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